Innovation District Welcome to Boston!


The Institute of Contemporary Art is an art museum that has been a Boston staple since 1936. The goal of the museum is to show contemporary art exhibits in a full range of media to residents of and visitors to Boston. Learning opportunities are available at the museum during family and adult programs. Adult programs allow visitors to listen to speakers, while family programs offer a more hands-on experience for children of all ages.

The Boston Children's Museum has provided cultural enrichment to children for over 100 years. Hands-on collections allow children to learn through play, while programs and workshops help children expand their understanding of the world around them. Not only does the museum provide exhibits on location, but the innovative educators who work to create exhibits for the museum also send these displays to children's museums across the country.

The Design Museum is a creative space that is dedicated to showing visitors how inventors and innovators use their ingenuity to design the products that have made our lives easier. As a museum that focuses on innovations that have helped us shaped our modern lives, this museum is a perfect fit for the area.

The Blue Hills Bank Pavilion features an outdoor amphitheater located right on Boston's waterfront. Located on an acre of prime real estate, the amphitheater regularly schedules concerts with the latest singers and bands. More than 35 concession stands are located on the premises to round out the concert experience, and a VIP tent with room for up to 500 people allows visitors to cater their concert experience to their unique preferences.

Harpoon Brewery offers visitors the opportunity to tour the brewery to see how beer is made for a small fee. Visitors who are 21 or older are able to sample the latest concoctions during a tasting session, and an on-site store features souvenirs that are perfect for friends and family members of all ages. For visitors who would like to enjoy a tall glass, the Beer Hall offers brews for sale that can be enjoyed with pretzels.

Besides the attractions that are available for visitors throughout the year, there are also special events that are held in the Innovation District. Live music, brunches and workshops are accompanied by holiday events like New Year's Eve parties and Fourth of July celebrations.